2018 Search III Staking

Project Summary

Following the release of Geoscience BC’s Search III high-resolution magnetic and radiometric data, Serengeti staked a total of 7,670 hectares in north-central BC targeting likely Cu-Au porphyry and Ni-Co ultramafic style systems.

Plans Moving Forward

All available data will be compiled and a first-pass exploration program is planned for 2018 on all eight properties to prioritize and develop the best strategy for future exploration targeting.



Arjay is located twelve kilometres west of Johanson Lake within a wedge of Takla Group volcanic rocks intruded by Early Jurassic quartz-diorite plutons. Numerous MINFILE occurrences at Arjay report native copper within volcanics on the property, in addition to bornite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite and tetrahedrite within shear zones. The high-resolution Search III data identified a strong magnetic anomaly over the Arjay area with notable spherical highs, and K/Th radiometric data outlines several distinctly anomalous areas that may represent hydrothermal alteration assemblages.   

Far East – LaForce

The Far East – LaForce property is located 18 kilometres east of the past-producing Kemess South open pit along the underexplored contact between an Early Jurassic intrusive batholith and Takla Group volcanics. Results of the Search III survey shows a distinct elongated magnetic anomaly truncated on the southern and eastern margins, as well as several discreet high K/Th radiometric anomalies characteristic of potassic alteration assemblages. A regional geochemical survey stream sediment sample taken on the Far East – LaForce property assayed 110ppm Cu and 200 g/t Ag. Work in the area has yielded grab sample results up to 6.8 g/t Au on a property currently held by a third party, and the area may represent a possible source for the McConnell Creek placer gold deposits.


The TrUM property was staked based on highly anomalous nickel and cobalt geochemical values draining a prominent Late Paleozoic to Triassic ultramafic plug highlighted by the Search III magnetic dataset. Notable stream sediment values on the property include 1,177 ppm Ni and 87 ppm Co, both of which occur within the top 50strongest nickel and cobalt values from the regional geochemical surveys province-wide. TrUM occurs within an area that has not had any previous exploration for ultramafic-hosted nickel-cobalt systems despite permissive geological features.

Other Properties

Five additional properties were staked following the Search III data release and a review of regional geochemical data and historical work reports. All properties host anomalous magnetic and K/Th radiometric responses that were relatively undefined in previous airborne surveys and each property has the potential for the discovery of porphyry Cu-Au and in one case ultramafic Ni-Co style systems.  



Serengeti Resources – 2018 Geoscience BC Search III Staking


Area (Ha)

Staking Rationale

1. Arjay


Strong magnetic anomaly with associated stream sediment copper anomalies and numerous MINFILE occurrences reporting numerous copper occurences.

2. East Copper King


Strong magnetic anomaly in valley bottom associated with stream sediment copper anomalism.

3. East Niv


Strong magnetic anomaly with historical Induced-Polarization chargeability/resistivity anomaly on Takla/Hazelton boundary.

4. ET


Notable defined magnetic response with strong stream sediment copper anomaly within Hogem Intrusive Suite.

5. Far East - LaForce


Coincident magnetic/radiometric anomaly in valley with impressive copper-silver stream sediment results.

6. Notch


Strong, defined magnetic anomaly in valley bottom within the Hogem Intrusive Suite.

7. TrUM


Ultramafic plug with expansive magnetic response and strong Ni-Co stream sediment anomaly.

8. West Goldway


Strong magnetic anomaly near intrusive contact with Takla Group; strong stream sediment copper results.





Search III

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