Advanced Stage and Regional Exploration Projects

Serengeti’s exploration efforts fall into two broad categories: 1) advanced stage exploration at the Kwanika porphyry Cu-Au project, and 2) regional exploration in BC for new porphyry and epithermal systems, and other types of mineralization.

Our current portfolio of projects is shown on the 2 maps below, and you can find more detailed descriptions of each of the key projects by clicking on the relevant menu link on the left hand side of this page.

Serengeti's Exploration Projects

In all of our exploration programs, we ensure that our planned and proposed activities are brought forward to local communities in a manner that allows for thorough review and input. We engage early and often, and we are further committed to minimizing any potential environmental, cultural and social impacts of the planned exploration activities.

Advanced Stage Exploration

Kwanika Porphyry Cu-Au Project

Kwanika is an advanced stage Cu-Au project located near infrastructure in central BC, a politically stable jurisdiction. The project is owned by Kwanika Copper Corporation (“KCC”), a private company jointly owned by Serengeti Resources Inc. (65%) and Posco International Corporation (35%). Kwanika's resource estimate includes a high-grade, well defined domain within the Central Zone on the property. Click here for more.

Regional Exploration

Our regional exploration effort combines our own in-house generative work with publically available earth science data, particularly the geological survey data published by Geoscience BC, the provincial government’s geoscience branch. This can include geophysical, geochemical, sampling and mapping results. Once we’ve identified new target areas that we regard as particularly prospective we’ll usually try to stake the ground covering the target and secure the mineral rights.

Serengeti's regional exploration targets, north-central BC.

For example, after the release of Geoscience BC’s Search III high-resolution magnetic and radiometric data in early 2018, Serengeti staked a total of 8,690 hectares in 8 properties targeting Cu-Au porphyry and Ni-Co ultramafic style systems. In 2018, Serengeti's geologists visited each of the properties in order to assess the potential target types and to prioritise them for additional exploration work. Following strong geochemical and mapping results, East Niv, Arjay and West Goldway were selected for further work.

Questions? If you have a question on any of our exploration projects but you can't find what you're looking for on the relevant project page, please contact us directly and we'll do our best to answer you.

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