PropertyThe property shows a favorable magnetic porphyry or skarn signature and IP has outlined several drill ready targets.
LocationOmineca Mining Division of north-central British Columbia, Canada, 135km NW of Fort St. James.
SummaryThe Jewel property was staked based on a QUEST VTEM survey which identified a one-line EM conductor and associated magnetic anomaly on the property. Serengeti has done preliminary exploration on the property including prospecting, airborne magnetics fixed loop EM and IP identifying a number of potential drilling targets.
OwnershipSerengeti Resources Inc. 100%

Plans Moving Forward

Serengeti completed a soil sampling, IP and EM program during the 2016 field season and is now defining a 2017 field program to select drill targets.

Location and Infrastructure

The Jewel property is located in the Omineca Mining Division of north-central British Columbia, Canada and is 135km NW of Fort St. James. The property is accessible by helicopter from the Germansen road 8km to the north or from Kwanika Camp located 25km to the west.


The Jewel property is a relatively new target which was unstaked until 2012 when Serengeti Resources acquired the property. The property was staked following a QUEST VTEM survey flown by the government which showed a V-TEM anomaly on the property. From 2012-2013 Serengeti completed prospecting and stream sediment sampling on the property and flew a detailed aeromagnetic survey in 2015. In 2016, Serengeti completed a more comprehensive exploration program including soil sampling, IP and a ground EM survey on the property.

Property Geology

The Jewel property lies in the northern part of the Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic Quesnel Trough – Quesnellia Terrane –, a Mesozoic island arc terrane juxtaposed against the ancestral North American continental margin. The Quesnel Trough is bounded on the west by older rocks of the Cache Creek Terrane across the Pinchi Fault, and to the east across the Manson Fault by the Slide Mountain Terrane. It hosts numerous alkalic porphyry copper-gold deposits, from southern to northern B.C. The deposits in this region of the Quesnel Trough area are associated with potassically altered diorite to syenite plugs and stocks and coeval andesitic, volcanic rocks, mainly along the flanks of the Hogem batholith.

In the Jewel project area, the geology consists of intrusive rocks of early Cretaceous Germansen Batholith intrusive suite that intrude into northerly striking Triassic-Jurassic Takla Group volcanics. The main batholith rock types consisting of leucocratic, orthoclase megacrystic hornblende biotite granite. The volcanic rocks of the mid to late Jurassic Takla Group are mapped regionally as interbedded black argillite, greywacke, siltstone, shale and minor limestone, minor ash tuff, tuffaceous argillite, basalt breccia and agglomerate in some localities. Copper mineralization has been identified within a pyroxene phyric volcanic in outcrop on the property, although much of the target area is thought to be covered by 5-20m of glacial till.

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